iSense & iQA

Our HTML5 client framework iSENSE 2.0 continues to lead the field.

Its core features include:


functionality with desktop and mobile game clients providing seamless experience.

Great loading times

with the best loading algorithm in the industry, achieved through a mix of advanced optimisations.

Slick UI

we think that speaks for itself. Check out our awesome games and promo tools!


with the best loading algorithm in the industry, achieved through a mix of advanced optimisations.

YGG Gaming Platform

The Yggdrasil technology platform is well-known for its flexibility, reliability, scalability, integration, and delivery of superior content, and has proven extremely successful through our YG Masters program.

We are constantly monitoring and improving our Yggdrasil Gaming platform architecture. Our current standards are based on micro-services architecture, which enables our platform to be more flexible, focusing on our business capabilities and easy to maintain, test and support. Microservices are based on spring cloud provided libraries and we are using spring boot to launch the renowned and proven technical stack.

Java is our language of choice and to ensure compliance, we have invested in the newest version. Our system is centered around our key business capabilities and critical products deliveries. To stay competitive and best in breed, we are constantly keeping track of the newest technology and trends.


We have completed the migration of our development, staging and production environments onto the secure Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This will significantly increase the scalability and efficiency of our game- and product software development, including new initiatives such as its GATI™ solution (Game Adoption Tools & Interface) and YG Franchise, with the time taken to set up new node of DAN (Decentralised Aggregation Network) reduced from weeks to hours.

This advanced set-up futureproofs our business in several core areas and ensures we can manage day-to-day activities and grow as a business more efficiently. We can scale accordingly as well as both reduce and control our costs more effectively, while also eliminating the threat of unexpected power issues. The cloud also gives us a great deal of freedom and will help us both develop great products in a quicker and more efficient way, and easily overcome any challenges going forward.


GATI is a disruptive technology that empowers all our global game studios and developers to unlock opportunities that are not possible through traditional aggregation distribution models.

GATI is a preconfigured, regulation-ready content development toolkit that powers our global YG Masters partner program enabling studios and game developers to use a standardised technology solution to develop and distribute games anywhere in the world. This means partners can source, build, and distribute content and crucially accelerate global reach, finding new ways to increase revenues, all using one standardised interface.



REDUX™ is the name of our progressive, in-house technology used for our Table games and combines the best aspects of both live and RNG casino. It provides the perfect platform for players to fully immerse themselves in a 3D casino environment, which uses motion capture technology to model the movements of the dealer. The product also includes popular sidebets.