YG Masters

The YG Masters program enable third party content creators, and game developers access to GATI and other tools and services to develop, commercialize and distribute games in the most efficient way through the Yggdrasil network of Global and Local  operators.

YG Masters was introduced in 2019 and flourished in 2020 & 2021. The introduction of GATI made game development and deployment easier for Masters’ studios and optimizes the time to market over Yggdrasil’s Regulated Distribution Network, in the most efficient and reliable way. 

In addition, Masters partners are also able to leverage our highly successful GEM offering by including our innovative mechanics in their own game development. This enables them to rapidly develop new titles that take player engagement levels to new heights.

In game development, mechanics are at the core of a slot and need to be fun, engaging and feeding players’ curiosity. We spend plenty of time ensuring that the mechanics work and are fun to play before our talented graphic designers and artists get to work with them.

Yggdrasil will package and commercialise additional mechanical frameworks during 2022 and beyond. There are various USP’s for Masters’ studios:

  • Develop your games using the technology that you prefer at your own pace
  • Masters’ games, deployed via GATI, are ‘regulatory ready’ due to Yggdrasil’s smart and unique configuration layer
  • Leverage Yggdrasil’s GEMs offering IE established slot mechanics
  • Yggdrasil’s innovative BOOST promotional toolkit can be applied to all Masters’ games by operators
  • Access the wide Yggdrasil partner network of operators as well as the growing Franchise network (see above)
  • Take advantage of network marketing campaigns, streamer activities and social media interaction as coordinated by YGG

YG Game IP

Over the last 9 years Yggdrasil has developed some of the iGaming industry’s most popular and successful games. Under the YG Game IP value proposition Yggdrasil can package and license its IP assets to partners targeting specific markets and distribution segments such as Retail and Social Casino. Partners can commercialize proven game IP in their own markets, channels and propositions B2C as well as B2B. There are a high number of permutations and Yggdrasil is keen to discuss them with partners that have an audience ready to engage with high quality gaming content.

There are various USP’s for Game IP licensees:

  • Leverage proven game math, mechanics and design
  • Develop your game versions to meet the needs of your local audience
  • Benefit from relevant TM coverage as established by Yggdrasil
  • Liaise and coordinate with YG games makers to gain added insight
  • Utilize assets, graphics, logos, video content and more
  • As part of the YG Masters initiative, we’re able to focus our efforts on creating exceptional gaming experiences, something we’re very proud of in Rock the Cash Bar.

    Our products have performed consistently well through Yggdrasil’s distribution network and we look forward to another exciting product launch.

    Andrew Goodale

    Northern Lights Gaming
  • We are very happy to be part of the Yggdrasil’s partners program! Their preconfigured, regulation-ready development toolkit GATI helps us to significantly shorten development time and as a result – to quickly and securely get our games to market.

    Through the YG Masters program, we also get access to innovative marketing tools, full set of services such as licensing, compliance, certification, translations, integrations and most importantly a vast distribution network. Their game development infrastructure and complete go-to-market solution allow us to really focus on the core of our business – making great games!

    Marcus Honney

    Managing Director - AvatarUX 
  • We are delighted to be part of the YG Masters program, which in an increasingly congested online gaming market provides ReelPlay games a significant audience.

    Being a YG Masters partner enables ReelPlay to effectively deploy games via GATI, whilst Yggdrasil’s innovative tools provide operator partners the ability to extend the value of the content. Through YG Masters ReelPlay can focus on what we do best – game design and innovation, secure in the knowledge that Yggdrasil’s supportive team and robust onboarding process will take care of the rest.

    Dave Johnson

    CEO - ReelPlay
  • As a growing studio with big ambitions, we are breaking new ground in terms of visuals, gameplay, and mechanics and we are ready to showcase our content to players worldwide. Yggdrasil’s support is an important steppingstone to achieving our ambitions.

    Through our partnership, we can ensure a rapid development process and wide distribution and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the YG Masters Program. Having access to Yggdrasil’s GEM offering also adds significant business value for us. We are always looking for new ways to engage and surprise players and building on Yggdrasil’s proven slot mechanics sets a solid foundation for us to create thrilling new content.

    Mitri Wiberg

    Executive Producer - Peter & Sons
  • Through the YG Masters program, we have been able to streamline the development process, allowing us to focus on the game design and enabling us to launch exciting titles to a new audience.

    We are really impressed with what Yggdrasil has done on their games using their proprietary GEM offering and being able to incorporate the mechanics into our own roadmap will take our content to the next level by significantly increasing player engagement levels. Being a YG Masters partner has fuelled our growth and reach and we are excited to continue to prosper together with Yggdrasil.

    Mat Ingram

    CPO - Reflex Gaming
  • It is impressive how far Yggdrasil have come with their Masters program in the last couple of years. Adding the technology, processes and supporting resources to fully integrate content seamlessly into the BOOST tools is a huge achievement which many talk about but not many deliver upon. The addition of the GATI back end allows great flexibility in the innovation of the games and reduces touch points from a project point of view whilst giving smaller studios more protection of their ideas and IP. 4ThePlayer look forward to further collaboration in the future.

    Chris Ash

    Business Development Director - 4ThePlayer


GATI stands for Game Adaptation Toolkit and Interface. It is an innovative framework central to Yggdrasil game development and a protected piece of technology. All YGG in-house games are developed and deployed using GATI as well as all YG Masters’ games. The framework includes the smart configuration layer (Partner Connect) that automatically fits games to market regulatory standards. GATI allows any game creator, inside and outside of Yggdrasil with access, to develop both the front-end (game client) and the back-end (game server) in the technologies of their choice. This is a revolution in iGaming, especially with regards to game aggregation.

Key USP’s using GATI:

  • Agnostic to both front-end and back-end game development technologies
  • Develop and deploy multiple games simultaneously
  • Full online support, documentation and community of GATI users
  • Automated configuration layer for regulatory compliance across markets
  • GATI does not lock games into the Yggdrasil platform