Social Responsibility

Responsible gaming is of key importance at Yggdrasil and we closely
monitor that we comply with all necessary and relevant industry best
practices and regulatory requirements to provide our gaming solutions
in a safe and healthy environment for the end player.

Even though we are a B2B supplier and don’t hold a direct relationship with the end player we seek to offer our gaming solutions in a safe and fun end-user environment. Yggdrasil acknowledges that gambling may be addictive if it is not provided in a fair and secure environment.

Consequently, we take responsibility that our products comply with the strict requirements upheld by relevant authorities across the jurisdictions and market environments we operate in. We collaborate with independent accredited test facilities (ATFs) which examine our gaming solutions to ensure that we comply with relevant legal requirements in our targeted environments. Yggdrasil is strategically focused on locally regulated market environments where responsible gaming is increasingly prioritized.


Annual training

At YGG we take Responsible Gaming seriously. As part of this, all Yggdrasilians take annual training on Responsible gaming to ensure everyone understands its importance and act responsible.

Player protection features

YGG offers player protection features for example game play messaging displayed in-game when certain limits have been reached, notifications reminding players how long they have been playing and how much they have won/lost and time notification showing a…

Yggdrasil also promotes responsible gaming by being selective when entering into new partnerships and only collaborates with reputable and compliant operators. We have a thorough due diligence process in place for new partners that includes promoting responsible gaming. Yggdrasil supports its partners by offering player protection features directly integrated into the client game framework to detect and prevent problematic gaming behavior.

Similar as for our games, we strive to be in the forefront and to innovate the industry with regards to responsible gaming features. Selected built-in features include messages displayed when certain limits have been reached, reality checks on player activity and information on monetary status. As an addition we believe that everybody that works in the company, independent of role, needs to understand the importance of sustainable gaming, which means that all employees need to take a mandatory training in Responsible Gaming annually. Yggdrasil is committed to ensure a safe and entertaining gaming.