Environmental Responsibility

Environment is the third component of our sustainability framework and where we ongoing strive to minimise our environmental impact. As a digital company, our business operations have rather limited impact on the environment compared to traditional industrial and services companies, and mainly relates to travel, energy consumption and waste from internal consumables.

Still we are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and to take actions against climate change. As part of this strategy we have invested in smart technology to reduce travel and energy consumption by installing highly advanced video conference systems across all company locations in addition to enabling video conferences on company desktop, tablets and mobiles to reduce travel. Reducing our energy consumption is another important cornerstone in our environmental focus. As a proof of this our HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, is located in LEED Platinum certified office premises. We also strive to be considerate on excessive waste, both in terms of our business operations and related to the work environment at our different offices. We try to limit business waste by not overspending on company merchandise and to focus on fewer, high-quality items for partners and employees to be used over a longer period of time.