Focus on Regulated Markets

With a maturing and increasingly regulated market, Yggdrasil works actively to be in the forefront in new or re-regulated markets, and preferable from day one. In order to understand the regulatory requirements before entering the market, all emerging markets are subject to a business case study in collaboration with locally licensed B2C online casino operators. Yggdrasil is committed to be in the forefront of the growing regulated market, ensuring industry maturity and responsibility.

Anti-Money Laundering
& Counter-Terrorist Financing

At Yggdrasil we work actively to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. This means that all contractual partners are screened before agreements are signed to assess whether they are suitable business partners. The company’s effort in AML and CTF is based and justified on a business risk assessment and is compliant with EU legislation and the license obligations we have. Yggdrasil is committed to be part of the international efforts for reducing money laundry and terrorist funding.



Even though Yggdrasil does not manage player data, the need for a responsible and compliant approach for managing privacy data is recognized. As a company we comply with GDPR and since we believe that this important work needs to be understood by everyone, all employees are given an annual mandatory training in GDPR. Yggdrasil is committed to ensure that the company is compliant with data privacy, and that the products and services are compliant by design.