Publishing Business Model

YGG’s Publishing business model includes building an aggregated global iGaming partner network with market leading operators, YG Masters partners and Franchisees, the first two powered by our pioneering GATI technology.

This is a true game changer for the iGaming industry as it enables network partners to develop content, rapidly scale distribution, cross-sell their games across the global YGG Publishing network and ultimately boost revenues. By licensing YGG’s Intellectual Property to our partners, such as gaming software, Game IPs, GEMs and GATI we are able to capitalize on our IPs and drive sustainable revenues. Our partners success is YGG’s success.


Over the past years we have continued to shape the business to drive quality of sustainable earnings.

This includes exploring how we can increase our long-term revenue streams from:

  • Licensing out intellectual properties from our Value Propositions, e.g. license more GEMs to our partners etc
  • Diversify our product portfolio, markets, customer base
  • Exploring new business opportunities by using a balanced curated market strategy to optimise market reach, drive new business, volumes and revenue streams

Read more about our 3 sustainable cornerstones: Diversification, Curated & Intellectual Property


During recent years YGG has diversified the business on a global level adding new markets, growing the client base, delivering scalable value propositions and partnerships including Franchise, Masters studios, YG Game IP, affiliation, streamer collaborations etc.

We are ongoing diversifying our games portfolio with our own core YGG roadmap as well as adding new YG Masters partners delivering various games content flavors. We are also adding an extra layer of entertainment through YGG’s innovative mechanical frameworks, also known as GEMs – Game Engagement Mechanics – DoubleMax™, Gigablox™, MultiMax™,  GigaRise™ and Splitz™ with many more to be rolled-out.

In addition we are diversified in terms of technologies as we migrated our development, staging and production environments onto the secure Google Cloud Platform. This has significantly increased efficiency and scalability of our game – and product software development, GATI™ (Game Adoption Tools & Interface) and YG Franchise.

In short, the diversification has resulted in a more sustainable business with less dependencies in terms of single clients, markets, games, revenue streams – and more diverse earnings. This is an important step in achieving our corporate vision to become the World’s Leading Global Publisher.


We continue our focus on penetrating new and existing regulated markets. As for remote territories we use regional agents to drive business and increase reach but without permanent establishment. This mainly applies for YG Franchise and Masters, but it is also important for local regulated market support as they materialize.

By curated we mean defining the proper balance between national regulation and market reach. Our curated strategy will then give guidance on how we address these new identified market opportunities as they need to be aligned with other essential business components such as our corporate structure, license framework, compliance, corporate standards etc. We look at curation from a volumes perspective, profitability, optimisation of YG Value propositions – all to achieve a sustainable business driving long term revenues.

Intellectual Property

A fundament of YGG’s Global Publishing model is to expand and capitalize on our intellectual property (IPs). Examples of this includes offering YGG gaming software (such as GATI), gateway software, partner software licensing of e.g. GEMs (YG Masters studios, operators, aggregators etc.) and YG Game IP over retail networks (Veikkaus). As an increasing number of partners are becoming dependent on our IPs for their business this consequently generates more sustainable revenues to YGG.

A key component of the IP offering is the pioneering YG Masters program offering studio partners access to all our Game Engagement Mechanics. This enables partners to rapidly develop new titles using the hugely successful GEMs as a launch pad. It is key for attracting new players, lifting player engagement to new heights and remaining in a leading position within the competitive slots market.

YGG Software Services

We started our iGaming software development journey 9 years ago. From a few slot games to a certified Remote Game Server (RGS) and progressing with global publishing distribution of content and services. It’s not an understatement that YGG has grown significantly.

Our proven knowledge, technology, and experience is packaged into three value propositions: YG Masters, YG Franchise and YG Game IP.

  • YG Masters is the pioneering third-party studio program that facilitates curated content aggregation by YGG for our B2B operating partners
  • YG Franchise is the platform licensing proposition for partners to run their own B2B iGaming operations
  • YG Game IP is a licensing opportunity to apply successful game IP from YGG into new channels such as retail or social

YG Masters is powered by the innovative GATI technology, a completely new game development and distribution solution built by YGG.

YG Franchise is akin to Software as a Service (SaaS). It boxes up YGG’s proven knowledge into a ‘software bundle’ that enables Franchisee to build, offer and scale their own B2B iGaming business. The SaaS bundle includes all the YGG gaming content, the BOOST promotional toolkit and the back-office. Franchise partners receive and host the software on their own infrastructure (typically in the Cloud). Software is maintained centrally by Yggdrasil and regularly updated for all Franchisees. Release / change management is done collaboratively until the partner becomes self-sufficient. YG Franchise partners have the option to secure additional services from Yggdrasil, in areas such as platform monitoring, QA and content certification, depending on their capacity and knowledge.

Global Growth & Reach

Ever since YGG was founded in 2013 the vision has been clear to become the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content. To achieve this we have rapidly expanded and diversified our market offering to cater for local, regional and global customers and their players’ needs and preferences.

Offering portfolio excellence via our core game development, alongside growing the global partner network – through Franchise, YG Masters, leading operators
and our own distribution – are key elements to deliver on our company vision and to ensure Yggdrasil’s continued competitive edge and strategic positioning.

Our business, including programs, product portfolio and technology are scaled for global roll-out and growth. We are strengthening our global position in the market by:

  • Expanding our European footprint as part of the business strategy to be present in all regulated markets including local commercial presence in many key markets such as Italy.
  • In partnership with IGT creating a footprint in the US market and launching our first games during 2022.
  • Expanding into remote territories by using regional agents to drive business and increase reach but without permanent establishment
  • Establish local representation in LatAm, driving new sales, and optimization of revenues over existing partners

Global Roadmap

Our 2021 roadmap offered a well spun mix with the return of some of our most popular sequels layered with striking mechanics and volatility levels ranging from low to extremely high.

We launched sequels of our most popular titles such as Easter Island, Golden Fishtank and Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded and expanded our jackpot games family with several new releases. At Yggdrasil we are constantly look at improving the ways we produce games, spending significantly more time on math design and adding that extra level of excitement and unique experience with our popular GEMs (Game Engagement Mechanics). In 2021 we also launched quite a big number of games with the buy bonus option (in eligible markets) and spiced up games with with the Golden Bet option. Now, watch out for our 2022 games roadmap. We promise that you will be entertained!

As the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content, we collaborate with content studio partners around the globe to ensure that we cover player needs worldwide. From Stockholm to Tokyo. From Krakow to New York. From Rome to Sao Paolo. Our games are limitless and so is their audience. Yggdrasil Entertains the World.

Player Experience

We focus on top production quality games with great entertainment value that can support our partners to differentiate and optimize offerings towards their players. Yggdrasil has been praised for the AAA art and production quality but now we brought the game mechanics to the same top level. A mobile-first approach with a sleek UI and lightweight content is a must with the majority of players making their bets on mobile devices.

To ensure that our games are well received and widely enjoyed by our audience we need to have a good understanding of current and future players. Besides setting new trends with our innovative products, we closely monitor industry and player trends.

We are players who create games which we love playing. Part from being driven by innovation we also revisit what worked in the past to reuse well-proven mechanics and launching sequels to our most successful games. Some players look for innovative mechanics, others only go for the games with the features they are familiar with. The key is to come up with a diverse roadmap where all players find something they enjoy on a regular basis.

We have improved the way we produce games by spending significantly more time on math design. We may spend a lot of time fine-tuning the math of the game before we decide to start the actual production, but when it happens, we have complete confidence in the success of that game.

With the massive amount of content released each month, players give new games as little as 30 spins before deciding to stay or move to another game. For players who has limited time playing slots, we offer plenty of games with buy bonus option available in eligible markets as well as our popular Golden Bet option.