Yggdrasil Management

Fredrik Elmqvist is the passionate founder, CEO and mastermind behind the success of Yggdrasil. He has created a culture of innovation, accountability and happiness.

His philosophy relies on that nothing is impossible, no challenge is big enough and – in true Yggdrasil spirit – that “the sky is not the limit”. Each and every day, he navigates the company with enthusiasm, exceptional energy and true commitment. His inspirational leadership, energy and passion for the business trickles down in every office/WFH-station, department and team.

Initially Fredrik made Yggdrasil stand out for its killer-slot games and for a steady flow of renowned “industry-first” initiatives. Now, after the proven success and with the company on a global growth and success path, he is delivering upon the vision of establishing Yggdrasil as The Leading Global Publisher of Online Gambling Content. This is a natural progression of his ambition to always create and deliver the best games in the industry.

Fredrik is together with his Senior Management Team (SMT) responsible for creating and executing YGG’s company strategy. The Management team has different international backgrounds with extensive experiences from various businesses besides the gaming industry. Most members of Yggdrasil’s solid SMT has worked together for quite some time with some new-joiners the past years.


Fredrik Elmqvist

CEO, Yggdrasil Founder

Karin Wahlström


Åsa Thunberg

Interim CFO

Kristina Gille


Petter Envall 

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Björn Krantz


Stuart McCarthy

Head of Product & Programs

Krzysztof Opałka


Vasil Milosevski

Head of Studio

Tomasz Kwieciński

Head of Platform


Fredrik Elmqvist

CEO, Yggdrasil Founder

Jason McGibbon

Chairman of the Board

Itai Frieberger