Health Insurance

As we are a company that promotes well being and balance in life, we offer all our employees a private health insurance as well as an extended mental well-being coverage when you join the company.

Fun & Excitement
in everything we do

Our passion is gaming! The fun and excitement that we are having while working is trickling down in everything we do. We say "Happy days" and mean it!

Hybrid Office

Our hybrid office mode gives you the opportunity to work both in YGG offices as well as remotely. It gives you greater flexibility in planning your work and taking ownership of collaborations, responsibilities and execution.

Work life balance

To promote employee health we believe in having a good balance between work and life so they stay happy and creative!

Gym Allowance

We encourage our employees to stay healthy and give you an annual allowance to use for your gym expenses.

YGG Activities

To educate and socialise we run different activities both digital and at our offices, spanning from company-wide business updates to educations and game engagement sessions.

Career Progression

YGG is a fast-paced company that is constantly evolving. We promote a learning culture where we share experiences and knowledge. Our employees are offered challenges and opportunities to grow in terms of taking on new roles and responsibilities.

Learning culture

As part of career progression we extend our competences by investing and promoting leadership and career development. On an annual basis we run performance reviews to ensure everyone gets proper evaluation on their performance and know what they are great at as well as what needs to be improved.

Relocation package

Yggdrasil offers a relocation package if you need to relocate from another country in order to start your new position with us.


To ensure that the creativity is flowing we offer snacks and the greatest coffee in the industry!